Dan’s Last Riverside Ride

Dan’s Last Riverside Ride

Spark 1970 Plymouth Superbird “Dan Gurney”
1:43 | $75

Dan’s long association with Ford ended in 1969 and he switched to Plymouth Barracudas in the Trans Am and stock-block Plymouth engines in Indy racing. Naturally, Chrysler wanted him in a Plymouth at Riverside, so Petty Racing prepared a Superbird carrying no.42, but painted in Dan’s All American Racing dark metallic blue instead of Petty Blue. Dan put the big ’Bird on the pole, but finished
6th, one spot behind Richard. Although Spark’s new series of NASCAR models looks a whole lot like the old Starter models, there are small—but significant—changes in the body of this Superbird, much better detail, and much more interior detail, including a complete roll cage with clean, smaller-diameter tubes, full harness, fire bottles, rear axle cooler, and a very well detailed instrument panel. Ž The paint is excellent and the carefully applied graphics are complete and accurate. Window retaining clips and straps are photo-etched, as are the hood pins and cables. ŽThanks to Wild About Wheels (215-322-7593; eab_49@msn.com) for supplying the sample.—Wayne Moyer

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