1970 Chaparral SCCA Trans-Am Camaro, irritatingly incomplete and badly photographed besides. Hey – it’s just a test

1970 Chaparral SCCA Trans-Am Camaro, irritatingly incomplete and badly photographed besides.  Hey – it’s just a test

Completed Project Photos

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Submitted By
Michael Kotwick
Fraser, MI, United States
Build Information
Vehicle Type Race Car
Body Casting Brand ERTL/Autoworld
Make/Model/Year Chevrolet Camaro 1970
Custom Bodywork and additional details

The body flares are made of casting resin that was poured onto a spare shell, removed in sections, and subsequently sculpted to shape before being reset onto my primary shell. The D80 ‘high’ rear spoiler has had material added to flesh out the bottom ends of the trim caps as they flood over each respective quarter panel. A fuel inlet has been drilled into and through the deck lid/tail panel area, while the exterior drip rail trim and weather seals along the side windows has been either ground flat or off. Furthermore, multiple tools have been tapped to combine all the necessary bits to come up with what’s required for this particular topic; i.e. a Pro Stock shell given it’s the only way to come up with a standard or non-RS front end plus the D80 rear spoiler, a flat hood from the ’70 Z/28 Citrus Green release of old, doors absent exterior side rear view/racing mirror cut outs, etc.

Chassis Brand ERTL/Autoworld
Make/Model/Year Chevrolet Camaro 1970
Suspension/Axles etc

Some items very likely stolen from the GMP ’67-’69 Camaro Trans-Am tool will be substituted in; i.e. the differential, the U-joints, etc.

Additional details about your chassis build

Sway bars front and rear, a Panhard rod for lateral rear axle location, as well as such things as exhaust dumps and the fuel cell housing have either been added or are slated to be incorporated. Wheels are cast resin Minilites reflecting a modification of the old GMP ’69 Penske Trans-Am Camaro with hand sculpted spoke detail as well as better tapered outer rim lip shape. Tires are ancient Jouef/Eagle’s Race Ford GT/Gulf Mirage Firestones.

Make/Type GMP Trans-Am Chevrolet 302 from the stand alone bubble pack
Custom/aftermarket parts and additional details

Intake is cast resin clone of the GMP ’67 Penske Trans-Am Camaro issue, the carburetor from the same tool, while the air cleaner lid is a Hwy. 61 ZL1 Camaro item cut free from the fresh air seal it typically is mated to prior to being copied and resin cast. The seal assembly is scratch built, the accessory drive has been revised to suit, the canted radiator installation is likewise scratch built, while the radiator is a mildly narrowed GMP Penske Trans-Am Harrison unit. The coolant expansion tank is a resin clone of a 1:25th turned aluminum item, while the mount for the same is scratch built. The master cylinder and brake booster chamber is from a Lane 1968 Firebird 400.

Seats/Dash/Steering Wheel/Accessories

The seat will be from a Solido Meyer’s Manx, being the only early Corbeau design I can find. The dash has been ground out to accommodate a scale representation of the Chaparral-specific fiberglass gauge binnacle, the steering wheel is old GMP ’68-’69 Penske Trans-Am Camaro with the spokes of such painted black. The interior floor has been sanded of cast-in carpeting texture, and plugged to eliminate holes otherwise used to site the stock seats and seat cushions. The roll cage is scratch built from plastic tube and brass wire.

Custom parts and additional details about your interior build

Only a few ERTL Camaro releases came through with the standard versus Deluxe interior; i.e. most have faux woodgrain inserts undesired on this build. A spare chassis with door panels was employed to ensure that everything would fit sans interference with regards to the cage fabrication and install with the doors shut, the windows in place, etc. consistent with working up a no excuses result.

Wheels & Tires Type/Size/Brand (and donor vehicle if applicable) Self-cast Minilites, Jouef/Eagle’s Race Ford GT40/Gulf Mirage Firestones
Custom/aftermarket parts (brakes etc.) and additional details

If space allows, the brake calipers will be Delco Moraine GMP ’67-’69 Penske Camaro items (yet again), while the brake discs will be Menards chrome bathroom fixture washers given they don’t appear cheap; i.e. such are clean on either side, and aren’t clumsily stamped as one usually sees and suffers.

Paint (Brand and Color) Not yet established, albeit the body will be painted white
Graphics or Decals Patto’s Place although I may seek other options given the quality of materials received in the past has been inconsistent
Any scale weathering or other special finishing techniques

Little to report short of relating that I don’t want make it appear over restored for wearing a finish that appears a mile deep. It’ll look composed, the finish will be shiny, but in essence I want the model to look both reasoned next to period photographs where an engine change or two may have been performed in the open air across a race weekend.

Additional parts, details or techniques of interest that were not covered in above categories

A vintage race topic requires considerable research to look at all credible. For something like this to gell, one must dive into and mix with the 1:1 vintage racing community and in measure – play dumb. Akin to writing a work of nonfiction, I greatly appreciate the contribution of this person and that, but in the end the finished work is my own and reflects personal judgments consistent with a subjective view of what is ‘correct’. My hope is to maintain rather than burn bridges, and if I can surprise others for what I see and incorporate, whether they be scale enthusiast or the man’s men who own or had a hand in the fabrication and campaigning of this car or that, so much the better…

History, Inspiration, or other Backstory about your build

News of the Replicarz sealed resin rendition of the topic coming to market for a cool $239.95 (or thereabouts) hasn’t exactly impressed. I want all opening panels, and given most of the nuts and bolts exist in terms of spares to work up something competitive, I think I’m the person to do it.

Build Process Photos

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