Crazy Crate Hemi Cuda

Crazy Crate Hemi Cuda

What’s better than a classic ‘Cuda with a 426 Hemi? How about one with a 472 Hemi crate motor busting out 525 horses—now we’re talking some muscle! Mopar sells a 472ci version of the elephant motor to drop into any classic Chrysler product, so Supercar Collectibles decided to do the same thing to Highway 61’s ’70 Cuda in 1:18. While they were at it they stuffed in a set of full-length tube headers, a racing exhaust, chromed valve covers (like the crate motors have), and full engine plumbing—all under an AAR-style composite hood complete with scissor hinges. Putting all that power to the pavement is a set of drag slicks mounted on 5-spoke mag wheels. It comes in one color—black—with a blue hockey stick stripe with the correct 472 engine designation. Supercars had Highway 61 assemble just 1002 of these fast fish—don’t count on reeling one in if you wait too long.

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