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Mike Zarnock (30)

Michael Zarnock is an American author and columnist, who writes collector guides and articles about Hot Wheels toy cars and accessories.
Michael's massive Hot Wheels collection and his knowledge of their history has earned him notoriety around the world. Whether it be because of the 12 books and countless articles that he has written about the Hot Wheels brand or the sheer size and diversity of his collection, this extensive knowledge has earned him the label, "One of the worlds leading Hot Wheels authorities."
Michael is a 2 Time Guinness World Record holder! First in 2003 and then again in 2007!
He is in the record books for owning the "Largest collection of different model cars".
He has also been featured in the 2008 "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" book #5 “Prepare To Be Shocked!” and the 2011 "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" book "Utterly Crazy!" for his obsession with Hot Wheels.
February 2009 Michael was inducted into the "Diecast Hall Of Fame" as a "Hot Wheels Historian" and later that same year Mattel Hot Wheels ® honored Michael by reproducing his old Altered Roadster Race Car as part of their Nostalgic "Drag Strip Demons ®" Series!

Specialties include, but are not limited to:
Hot Wheels Toy Cars & Accessories, their History, Values and Collection Appraisals.
Michael has done Appraisal services for Insurance Riders, Insurance Claims, Ebay Claims,
US Postal Claims, Court Cases including Estate and Divorce Settlements and Certificates of Authenticity.
Public Appearance's, Freelance Writing Requests, Work For Hire, Interviews and
Experienced On-Camera Talent Hosting for the Automotive and Hobby Entertainment Industry.

Wayne Moyer (27)

I’ll start by saying that my “real world” job for 37 years was being an AeroSpace Engineer in the Preliminary Design Group at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for 37 years. I’ve been a car nut (as well as an airplane nut) for as long as I can remember but I never intended to be a writer. I began collecting 1/43 scale diecast models in 1966 and wrote a story about making the Dinky and Mebetoys Ford GT models more accurate for Collector’s Automotive Replica Society (CARS) in ’68. Then in the early ‘70’s I bought one of John Day’s first white-metal kits, the Mercedes 300SLR, and wrote a story about that which was published in Scale Modeler in 1972. John liked it and sent some more kits and, well, things just got out of hand. I’ve written about 1/43 scale models (and kits) in one or more magazine continuously since then and those Fords and the 300SLR (yes, I still have it) have been joined by about 3500 more models. Although I’ve never been out of the country, this hobby has given me the opportunity to make friends all over the world, something that would never have happened if I hadn’t bought those Ford GT’s. At this point I’ve had more than 1700 magazine articles published and plan to add some more to that with DiecastX. I’m really looking forward to this association with a great group of people who have helped make the hobby what it is and hope to make a lot more new friends through these pages.

Bill Bennett (7)

Diecast collecting is the closest thing to an addiction I have. I love the little cars and enjoy opening the eyes of non-participants to what's involved in the hobby. I started collecting Dinky Toys (still have all of them) when I was about 10 years old and eventually moved to 1:14 and 1:18 Bburagos in the 80's. The higher end 1:18 diecast began to make their way into my collection in 1995. Currently I have approximately 300 - 320 models in my collection. Mostly 1:18, but also have a collection of fourteen 1:6 engines and eleven 1:12 cars. My primary focus is race cars and sports cars. Specifically Formula 1, Indy, CanAm, TransAm, Endurance (LeMans, Sebring, Daytona, etc.), Drag racing cars, USRRC, Hot Rods & Bonneville/Dry Lakes. I also have a few NASCAR, Dirt Track and Movie cars.

A big part of the fun of the hobby for me is comparing notes and relating to other collectors who have similar interests to my own. I particularly follow the boards on Scale18 (www.scale18.com) and Forum 18 on the Diecast Zone. I was one of the original in-house reviewers for the Diecast Zone (www.diecast.org) starting in 1995. I Wrote box histories for Precision Miniatures Altereds, Mazmanian 'Vette and '33 Willys Gasser series..... a big thrill was seeing my name is on the bottom of the boxes.

Greg Roque (2)

I'm Greg " Goyo " Roque the owner of www.diehard-diecast.com. I gained my appreciation of "all things cars" by visiting countless car shows with my father from the time I was eight years old. As a teen, I built plastic models and assisted in building my first 1:1 scale car; a '62 Chevy Biscayne. Later in life, I fed my auto interests by building other full scale cars such as a '55 Ford F-100, a '64 Cadillac convertible and a '59 Ford F-100.

As adulthood limits the fun for most of us; I had to put myself on a strict diet of only one full-scale car at a time. To supplement my cravings I built up a collection of die cast cars. It was my genuine love and appreciation of the automobile, and the scaled down versions of my favorite cars which led me to become a diecast retail vendor.

Being a true auto enthusiast and living in L.A. I’ve spent many long weekends at the Petersen Automotive Museum. These visits to the Petersen and its Hot Wheels Hall of Fame exhibit led me to a long lasting diecast partnership with the museum. I was fortunate enough to help the museum with choosing some of the castings for their past Hot Wheels limited editions. The limited run of "Petersen Rocket Oils, were graced with my concept of a hot flame design. I also designed the cool white flames scheme on the 2009 Liberty Promotions Holiday Wagon Drag Bus. The world of die cast customizing is growing quickly and I intend on making every effort possible to promote this part of our hobby to auto enthusiasts worldwide.

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