CMC Magic: 1:18 Maserati 300S is Another Bolt from the Blue

CMC Magic: 1:18 Maserati 300S is Another Bolt from the Blue

CMC’s 1:18 Maserati 300S is another bolt from the blue (well, okay, it’s red, but you get what we mean) from a company with an almost Thor-like capacity to hit their target time after time. The selected subjects are always just edgy enough and historical enough to be worth doing, and the “CMC Effect” – replicating every bolt, screw, and bit of hardware, even those hidden below the model’s skin – turns the images into wee wonderlands worth hours of serious adult exploration.

Of course, it’s a multi-media model… these fellows love to mix things up, and this time around, we’re seeing a mix of stamped, cast, and hand-formed metal for the Maserati’s beautiful shell, a by-now-standard set of excellent “Borrani” spoked wheels, correct to their laser-etched knockoffs, and astounding – if a little frustrating to operate – body hardware, including real leather straps and buckles on the hood and trunk deck, and a set of scary little twist handles that trigger working latches for these lift-off pieces.

No problems; once opened, those panels reveal a vista of incredible depth and scale engineering. Every fitting, clamp, pipe, and cable is here, from the front of the 6-banger’s crank pulley to the Maserati’s over-the-top polished stainless steel fuel tank out back. In between is a gratifying model car that will never leave the owner wondering where the money was spent. Everything works; steering, fully-realized and articulated suspension, doors, the little access flap on the front fender, and even the hinged cap on the model’s gas tank. Tweak the knockoffs, and those Borranis pull away from beautiful finned and cross-drilled brake drums; pull the trunk and hood, and the spring-loaded latches are revealed to be intricate on a level usually seen in watchmaking.

Bill Bennett has the full review on tap for the Spring 2013 issue of DCX; in the meantime, enjoy these photos – we surely enjoyed taking them. – DCX

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