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Candy Stripes

Candy Stripes

Auto Dreams “Tom Kelly” Ford F-100
1:64 | $5.99


Tom Kelly started striping and airbrushing cars under the tutelage of his grandfather, as one of the “Crazy Painters,” along with another “Big Daddy” – Ed Roth. They’d travel to car lots and custom shops, where Tom would lay on stripes, scallops, flames, and murals … anything that the customer desired or that Tom could dream up was drawn, daggered, or sprayed. M2 Machines’ “Auto Dreams” line has broken out a subseries dedicated to the artist and his body of work, and this Ford F-100 is among the first re- lease of six cars, including a ‘58 Impala, a ‘49 Studebaker truck, a ‘57 Chrysler 300, a ‘58 Belvedere, a ‘49 Merc, and a black and gold chase version of the Belvedere. The models feature outstanding paint – pinstriped, of course – and have opening doors and hood, full interiors, and engine detailing, all packaged in a specially carded display bubbles. These lines rock. — Joe Kelly Jr.

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