Can you build a model this nice?

Can you build a model this nice?

Sunrich Toy and Hobby is bringing in this cool new brand of 1:43 Ferrari models — the catch is, they arrive in this cool display box unassembled. But this isn’t a model you have to spend hours working or or painting. That’s because the twenty-odd pieces come expertly molded, individually packaged and fully painted, and they go together in press/snap fit fashion. Final assembly uses a single chassis screw tightened with a provided tool.

What impresses us is the level of detail on internal components — the multipiece engine is better than most pre-built 1:43 pieces. The only downside is that the hood is not hinged, so you don’t get to see the beautiful V12 on the 599 GTB after you’ve assembled it.

The various F430s are more accomodating, with a clear engine cover to showcase the fine detail — stock coupe, spider, special edition Scuderia and race-spec Challenge versions are all being issued. The finish on them is exellent — more than good enough to hold their own with any of your 1:43 collection.

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