Camel Car: OTTO Model’s Citroen Saharas

Camel Car: OTTO Model’s Citroen Saharas

OTTO Model Citroën Sahara   1:18 | $115.00

Pragmatism is a fine art in the automotive world, and the simplest solution to a given problem is usually the one that works best. That was certainly the case when Citroën decided to build a four-wheel-drive version of their rugged, if poky, 2CV (Deux Chevaux) sedan. Designs that tied the rear wheels to the front-wheel-drive 2CV’s somewhat underwhelming 375cc, 12-horse engine were deemed unworkable, so Citroën did in production what a couple of forward-thinking (actually rearward-thinking) home mechanics had already tried – they added a complete second engine and drivetrain at the rear. The AZLP “Sahara” was built from late 1960 until 1971, and 694 of the cars were produced. OTTO Model has made the car in 1:18 resin, and the heavy little critters are squarely in the “so-ugly-they’re-cute” segment of the hobby, with accurate, bug-eyed headlights and every ellipse, crease, and unique design feature of the real thing. The model’s high ride height is correct, as are the three-lug wheels, the hood-mounted spare, and the twin fillers for the pair of fuel tanks parked under the car’s front seats. Those seats, as well as all of the interior’s sparse, lightweight accouterments, are all here and easy to see behind butyrate glazing. From the fabric-look top to the tread pattern on its skinny tires, the paint, finish, and assembly on this resincast are wonderful – and so is the subject matter. This maker just keeps impressing us. – Joe Kelly, Jr. 

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