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Bubmobil Porsche 911 IROC 1974 set

Bubmobil Porsche 911 IROC 1974 set

If ever there was a set of model cars that had us wanting to zoom them around the tabletop whilst making screeching tire sounds, this tiny set of 1974 IROC 3-liter Porsche 911 Carrera RSRs — six in all, representing the rides of Peter Revson, A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, George Follmer, David Pearson, and the winner, Mark Donohue — is it. These are an absolute scream. There’s a lot to love, here — more, if you remember the antics of that day in Daytona — and it starts with the packaging. The sextet of brightly colored models (out of 15 cars raced that day) comes cosseted in a sponge-lined box that’s been cleverly designed to display the little 911s in cutouts; these correspond to a removable placard with some history told in German and English. The models themselves are beautiful little things, with perfect castings (including the oversized rear-mounted “show wings” that these cars were equipped with), tiny Goodyear Eagle tires, exquisite wheels, and sharp tamped-on decos for the liveries, cooling scoops, and front-mounted oil coolers. Unlike the other 1:87 BUBmobil offerings on these pages, the Porsches have glazing, and that makes seeing the interiors a little challenging. We got over that pretty quickly, given all the great stuff the cars have on tap on their outsides. The set is limited (1,000 pieces), and it isn’t exactly cheap, but boy howdy, having all those names and all these cars in one place makes the price of ownership all the easier to take. Clear the table, and get screeching.  – Joe Kelly, Jr.

1:87 | $82.95


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