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Brooklin Buick-Based Ambulances

Brooklin Buick-Based Ambulances

The Flxible Company (yes, the spelling’s correct) won a contract to build ambulances on stretched 1938 Buick chassis for the 1939 World’s Fair, and of course added Flxible-Buick ambulances to their catalog. Brooklin has done the same with a pair of Flxible-Buicks from their Community Services Vehicle series. Flxible had to raise the Buick front end 5 1/2 inches with sheet-metal extensions at the bottom, to match their taller rear body, and photos show that Brooklin has matched the work. CSV-14 is a very accurate model of the Flxible-Buick Sterling ambulance built for the 1939 New York World’s Fair; the shape matches photos very well, and the correct glossy blue paint has authentic orange “World’s Fair” graphics. Brooklin has done the beltline molding with thin plated wire, plated the windshield divider, and added the roof-mounted flasher to make this one fully detailed. The rear compartment has a detailed gurney, “wood-grain” supply cabinet, and seat for the nurse, while the driver’s compartment has accurate relief-cast dash detail but lacks inner door panels. CSV-15 differs only in its more conventional bright red ambulance color with gold “Friendship Fire Co., Winchester VA” decals and twin flashers faired into the roof above the windshield instead of the single unit. Both make fine additions to any service vehicle collection.  – Wayne Moyer

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