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Brooklin 1960 Pontiac Catalina

Brooklin 1960 Pontiac Catalina

Although Pontiac’s widely advertised “Wide Track Ride” and flat-roof Vista four-door sedan styling were introduced in 1959, both were continued on the heavily face-lifted 1960 models.  Brooklin has used their chrome-plated birdcage window frame/roof support to model the Vista roofline in their new 1960 Pontiac Catalina four door sedan perfectly.  Although the body is a shade deeper than “Stardust Yellow” chips, it’s very good, and looks great in combination with the Regency Black roof.  The tiny, but legible name badges and caps on the horizontal fins are cast in relief and painted body color, but every other piece of trim, including the tiny gas cap grip, is done with carefully applied separate plated parts.  Brooklin has given the 1960-only horizontal grille a black wash that can be improved by carefully scraping the thin plated bars; there’s very well done interior door panel detail, including relief-cast cranks, and a correct matte black glare shield above the accurate dash and chromed instrument cluster with relief gauge details. Is a convertible in the works?  Photos confirm that Brooklin has modeled the Catalina Vista’s lines and details very accurately, and there’s lots of crisp relief chassis detail, including dual exhausts, on the baseplate. Most Pontiac models of this vintage are GTOs or Star Chief convertibles, so Brooklin’s entry-level Vista Four-Door is very welcome.  – Wayne Moyer

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