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Brooklin 1960 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Ambulance

Brooklin 1960 Miller-Meteor Cadillac Ambulance

Wayne Corporation bought two longtime Ohio “professional car” coachbuilders in 1957,and merged them to form the Miller-Meteor Company.  From the very beginning, all Miller-Meteors were built on Cadillac Commercial chassis. These were big cars – and Brooklin Models’ new larger casting equipment has made it possible to release this striking model of the 1960 Miller-Meteor “Guardian” ambulance in their “Community Service Vehicles” line. The heavy white-metal body is crisp, absolutely free of mold lines, and loaded with detail; dimensions are exactly right for the giant Caddy chassis, too. The shape, with the fiberglass roof added to provide more headroom, matches photos perfectly. Its two-tone white and gold paint (one of four authentic Guardian color schemes) is excellent, but it’s in factory-fresh markings – no “user” graphics. Only the windshield frame, fin caps, and molding around the gold side trim is over-painted; everything else, including the long side trim, is done with individual plated parts.  There’s nice two-tone upholstery up front, an accurate plated speedometer, radio, and glove box panels, but none of the relief details have been picked out. In back, the gurney is stowed on its side in front of the wood-grain equipment cabinets, and the attendant’s seat is also folded down.  This is a great pick for pro-car collectors.  – Wayne Moyer

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