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Brooklin 1954 Mercury Monterey Wagon

Brooklin 1954 Mercury Monterey Wagon

Although 1954 was the final year for Mercury’s stretched 1952-54 Ford-based body styling, the whole line got a face-lift (and tail-lift) that resulted in a look that was more Lincoln than Ford. Add the new McPherson strut front suspension and the new 292 “Y-Block” OHV engine, and the ’54 Merc became a slightly down-sized version of the “Mexican Road Race” Lincolns. At the top of the line was the Monterey station wagon, the subject of this really eye-pleasing, white-metal model by Brooklin. To start with, the lines are very accurate, as are the dimensions, and there are lots of carefully applied bright trim. But it’s the really well done faux wood panels over a smooth, glossy Siren Red finish that make this one stand out. The entire framework is done with separate, neatly fitted cast parts painted in a realistic shade, while the panels are darker wood-grain decals just as on the real car. Beltline and windshield moldings, along with the vent window frames, are painted over, so a bit of foil trim will add even more realism to this beauty.  Typical for Brooklin, the seat upholstery and all-new ‘54 dashboard details are right on the money, but no details are picked out and interior panels are pretty plain. — Wayne Moyer

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