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Brooklin 1940 Buick Estate

Brooklin 1940 Buick Estate


Buick’s first station wagon, the wood-bodied Model 59 Estate Wagon, was introduced as part of the mid-level “Super” line midway through the 1940 run, and it’s the subject of this really gorgeous white-metal beauty from Brooklin. The first releases have a very rare Brooklin error; the box end says “Special M59” (since corrected) but the baseplate correctly identifies it as a Super. Online photos show that Brooklin has done a fine job with the authentic glossy metallic maroon paint and the two-tone wood body; the textured, semi-gloss black “canvas” roof looks just right, too. There’s lots of individually fitted chrome trim, including fine-plated wire moldings for the rocker panels, B-Pillar and tailgate; only the relief-cast windshield frame and hood side moldings haven’t been plated.  Interior details include accurate upholstery and a silver-painted dash (“engine-turned” in full scale) with accurate relief gauges and glove box clock, though none have been picked out.  Photos show the inside of the doors and rear compartment were wood, too, but Brooklin has painted those body color.  If published dimensions are correct, this one is closer to 1/41 scale (9 scale inches too long) but that’s not a problem; this model will stand out in any collection. – Wayne Moyer

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