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Brooklin 1936 Convertible Coupe

Brooklin 1936 Convertible Coupe


1936 Buicks introduced hydraulic brakes, higher-horsepower engines with aluminum pistons, all-steel “Turret-top” bodies for the sedans, and more streamlined bodies with “Vee” windshields by Harley Earl.  The previously numbered series got names for the first time, with the entry-level Series 40 now called “Special.”  The Special Convertible (M-46C) Coupe’s rakish lines, wind-up windows, and rumble seat made it very popular, and the 26th release in Brooklin’s “Buick Collection” series makes it easy to see why.  Its glossy black paint is among Brooklin’s best and at least 23 separate chrome-plated pieces really set this one off; except for the body-color vent window frames it’s fully detailed and really looks sharp.  And it’s the first model in the Buick Collection to have chrome-plated window cranks and a shift lever, too, though the other set of inner handles is missing. The fake wooden dashboard is neatly done and the relief-cast speedometer cluster is accurate, but no details have been picked out.  The optional second side-mount and wide whitewalls add pizzazz to this beauty, too.  As usual for Brooklin, the lines and details match photos from any and all angles and dimensions are right on 1:43.   — Wayne Moyer

1:43 | $159

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