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Breakers Rule

Breakers Rule

Altered Wheelbase Dodges
1:18 | $134.95

DCX_SPRING_13_SR19_3cc DCX_SPRING_13_SR19_2cc

Supercar Collectibles’ Highway 61-sourced 1:18 line of A/FX Altered Wheelbase Plymouth Belvederes and Dodge Coronets, circa 1965, is still turning heads. During the “win at all costs” days of the mid-60s, Chrysler built these crazy looking cars – six Hemi-equipped Dodges and six Plymouths – with their wheels scooched forward for better weight transfer. The NHRA im- mediately banned them from A/FX racing, but the drivers found they could make a ton of money on the much-ballyhooed match race circuit. Soon, carburetors morphed into Hilborn injectors, nitromethane took the place of gasoline, and the cars were running over 145 mph in the quarter. The drivers had a payday, and the sport a heyday. Only time will tell if Supercar will choose to do the one-off “Mr. Norm’s” blown and injected Dodge, or any more Altereds in the future; in the meantime, the “Ramchargers,” “Dave Strickler” (also available as a limited edition carbureted car), “Color-Me-Gone,” and Bob Harrop’s “Flying Carpet” Dodges roll the series forward with wonderful detail. Wired engines, plumbed chassis, exactingly-rendered interiors, real leaf springs, steerable wheels, turning drive shafts, and beautifully polished, clear-coated paint and liveries make for a line of model cars still well worth looking into. Highly recommended. — Bill Bennett supercar1.com

Updated: July 23, 2014 — 9:22 AM

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