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Brawler Buick

Brawler Buick

GMP’s Street Fighter series is all about taking models of high-profile muscle machines and augmenting them with selective aftermarket parts to simulate what the modern street/strip warrior would do to his car. The latest in the series is this 1:18 ’87 Buick Grand National. While previous efforts have struck a balance between street style and strip performance, this GN is pretty single-minded in its pursuit of speed. The little 3.8L V-6 breathes through an open exhaust that exits right off of its hotrodder’s hairdryer. That would be awful loud for extended street driving, but for quartermile sprints it would sound—and run—just fine. Also present is a redesigned intercooler and intake, and a half-cage in the driver’s compartment. A beefed up fuel system delivers the goods to the little engine that could, and stylish 5-spoke wheels put the power to the pavement. Who says you need a V-8 to kick butt on the street?

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