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Born Runners from GMP

Born Runners from GMP

Judging by the response to GMP’s 1970 Road Runner series, you’ve probably seen or at least heard about these mighty 1:18 Mopars. But at least a few of your have held off from ordering one—what’s the hold up? Maybe you were waiting for something with a little more muscle? Maybe you wanted something with a bit more of a sleeper look to it? Well, you’re in luck on both counts—’Runners are now available in Black Velvet and Vitamin C Orange packing the one and only 426 Hemi, a 4-speed, bench seats, dog dish rims and no loud graphics. Except for the Air Grabber hoods, these two might as well be rental cars—on the outside at least. Of course, your average rental doesn’t come with 425 stump-pulling horses or 13-second timeslips like these bad boys…

            GMP’s versions preserve the no-frills, no-excuses street warrior image that made the Road Runner a legend, topped off with an impressive list of scale details. The hubcaps are magnetic and removable to view the steel rims. The suspension has functional leaf springs and the driveshaft rotates. The windows roll up and down on functioning cranks. The glove box and Air Grabber scoop and both open and close. For more, check out www.gmpdiecast.com.




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