BONUS PHOTOS! Sunstar’s 1:18 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible

BONUS PHOTOS! Sunstar’s 1:18 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible

Yeah, we know… it’s only digital. But even if the images we shoot for every issue really only exist on “the cloud” – wherever that may be – we hate to see all that photo setup and shooting go to waste just because we can’t fit them all into the print edition of DCX.

This time around, it’s Sunstar’s fabulously finny 1960 Plymouth Fury convertible that has our attention – and, we hope, yours. As featured in the Fall, 2012 issue of Die Cast X (out now), we found this big, full-featured replica to be a compelling piece of ‘sixties auto memorabilia, right down to its swiveling seats and that wild “toilet seat” trunk treatment. We’re working on the video right now, but until then, enjoy these snaps – and read all about the soon-to-be-released model in the pages of DCX.

Sunstar Models

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  1. Nice looking diecast model – I hope to add one of these to my collection. I am partial to yellow so the red one that’s coming doesn’t do it for me. Nice photos

  2. C’mon…this is such a nice looking rendition, and the overall look of the car is fantastic. Would love to own this one in real life or in die cast.

  3. I love this car except for one thing – did they HAVE to do the front bumper with that awful guard that blocks the view of the grille? If I buy one I’m going to see if I can get it removed by a professional detailer. Otherwise, love it!

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