BONUS PHOTOS: Spark 1:18 Dauer 962 Le Mans

BONUS PHOTOS: Spark 1:18 Dauer 962 Le Mans

Dauer’s answer to those drivers who dream of hammering a race car down the open highway is this 962. Sure, it’s been prettied up, and it’s had a few creature comforts and safety features added, but under the leather and added finery is an honest-to-gosh race car, right down to the 720-horse boxer motor.

We took these snaps of Spark’s excellent 1:18 resin of the Teutonic terror for our “Showroom” section in the Spring ’12 issue of DCX, but didn’t have the room to include them all. The model’s a sealed-body piece – as most 1:18 resins are, for the sake of a more refined display on the shelf – but as you can see, every visible area has been done with a careful, precise touch. It’s a beauty. Want to know more? Contact Sunrich Toy and Hobby, who supplied us with this sample.

Enjoy the snaps.

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