Ixo’s 1933 Auburn

1:43| $30.00


Auburn, like most American car makers, was losing money during the Depression, but they managed to introduce a new V-12 engine in 1932. Fred Leamey’s sleek Speedster body rode atop a long-wheelbase Auburn chassis, and the combination was about as sporty as you could get in 1933. Make no mistake – this was a big car. Ixo’s new Museum Series diecast has captured the Speedster’s beautiful “boattail” shape (Auburnnever referred to the car as such), and they got the laid-back windshield just right. The long wheelbase, grille shape, and painted fender edge moldings would make this either a 12-161 Standard or externally identical 12-161A Custom. For the price, paint and detail work are really impressive; separation lines of the two-tone black and silver paint are razor sharp and every piece of trim is either plated or bright printed chrome. Interior details are all present and correct, too; shift and brake levers, upholstery patterns, and the aluminum instrument panel with legible gauges are all accurate. Though a phenomenal representation for the price point, there are a few imperfections to note: there should be seven thin vertical bars in the grille, the wheels have too many spokes, and it scales out slightly too large – but Auburnmodels are scarce. Don’t let these minor imperfections stop you from considering this model for your collection. – Wayne Moyer

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