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Big Beautiful Buick

Big Beautiful Buick

1:43 | $129.95

Although Buick’s new 1937-38 bodies were very well received, they surprised the automobile industry by introducing completely new bodies again in 1939.  The mid-level Century series updated straight-eight actually produced more power than Cadillac’s V-8, while standard-equipment turn signals were an industry first. Buick built only 269 top-line Century Convertible Phaetons, a true 6-passenger, 4-door convertible, but it’s the subject of Brooklin’s latest Buick Collection model and it’s a beauty.  There are plenty of photos to confirm that Brooklin has the overall shape and all the details right any way you look at it. Its authentic Casino Beige paint is smooth and glossy, and contrasts nicely with the dark red interior, black running boards and top boot, and wide white tires.  This model has plated vent window frames so all the exterior trim except for the beltline moldings and stripes on top of the headlight bullets is done with separate chromed metal castings. Brooklin has included more interior detail than usual too, with good-looking seat and inner door panel upholstery, separate plated door handles (but no window cranks), and a new plated “banjo” steering wheel with the column shifter included. Accurate relief-cast dashboard and instrument details are a little difficult to see under the authentic faux wood paint.  There are nicely done “rubber” floor mats, too, along with Brooklin’s usual accurate relief-cast chassis detail. It’s a big model, but dimensions are precisely 1:43 scale.
— Wayne Moyer
Brooklin; distributed by brasiliapress.com

Updated: June 22, 2015 — 11:03 AM

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