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Though they appear quite similar at first glance, Sun Star’s 1:18 production DeLorean and the four movie versions share surprisingly little in terms of parts. This is not a criticism—the two products are clearly targeted at different audiences and each is presented appropriate to its market. Because the stock version will draw a buyer with more interest in scale realism, the production DMC-12 is considerably more detailed, particularly in the engine bay and on the undercarriage. In fact, the undertray modings are completely different, with the stock version getting a multipiece chassis with separately molded front and rear suspension subframes, exhausts and engine/transaxle components. The movie cars get much more generic “sci-fi” chassis, with various unidentifiable mechanical bits, but little in the way of scale authenticity. The street car’s steering works, while the movie cars make do with fixed axles.



The street car’s engine is accessible under the louvered hatch and secondary engine cover, and it is well molded with decent detail and a nice mix of colors. The movie cars have no conventional engine, as the space is consumed by the dramatic time-travel apparatus on the rear deck. This is at least as detailed as most engines at these models’ price point, so don’t feel short-changed. Wheel moldings are comparable between the street car and the first two movie cars. The third and fourth movie cars have period-specific rolling stock, but all are equally well executed. And the movie cars actually have the advantage in the interiors—the quality of detail among all is equal, but the movie cars are more interesting for the extra gizmos and switches.
The highlight for all versions is the finish on the stainless steel bodies. Obviously the models aren’t real stainless steel, but they do quite a nice job of simulating both the tint and the texture. All are worthy additions to your collection, but for different reasons. The street car will satisfy those looking to commemorate the compelling, melodramatic and brief history of one of America’s last independent automakers. The movie cars are a fun piece of nostalgia for those of us who enjoyed the lighthearted fun of the Back To The Future films.

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