Beautiful Bug

Beautiful Bug

SPARK 1939 Bugatti Galibier
1:43 | $67


The 4-door Galibier (ga-lib-YAY) sedan, named for a French mountain range, was the most prosaic of the five Jean Bugatti-designed bodies fitted to the Type 57 chassis, so there are very few Galibier models available – and absolutely none to match this superb new resincast model from Spark. How good is it? Suffice it to say, this Spark not only holds its own in terms of quality and accuracy, against a comprehensive 1:43 reference collection of virtually every kind of Type 57 made … it’s actually better than most hand-built models costing several times its price. The unusual color scheme, second-generation headlights (on a third-generation Galibier body) and overall look of the replica are spot on compared to the actual automobile. The two-tone red and black paint is smooth and glossy, and this pre-production model has every piece of trim, save a chromed stripe below the doors, with each bit rendered in carefully fitted chrome-plated and photo-etched pieces. Behind the excellent wire wheels are authentic finned drums, and there’s good chassis detail in the base plate, too. What really makes Spark’s model stand out, though, is the accurate upholstery, separately plated interior handles and cranks, delicate wood-rim wheel, and crisp, legible gauges in the wood-grain dash. What a beauty. – Wayne Moyer

Updated: July 23, 2014 — 9:28 AM

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