Beautiful Bricklin

Beautiful Bricklin

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Beautiful Bricklin


1974-1976 SV-1                       

1:43 scale | Closed door $95; Open door $195

Malcolm Bricklin’s SV1 (Safety Vehicle One) was intended to be exceptionally safe, but its good handling qualities, gull-wing doors, and AMC V-8 engine drew the attention of the sports car world. Although Car and Driver said, “Corvette enjoys only a small performance edge,” a combination of factors brought production to an end after just two years and 2,838 cars. Automodello is one of the very few American companies making world-class 1:43-scale models, and their resin-cast SV1 is by far the best Bricklin model I’ve seen. Its crisp resin body matches all exterior aspects and the authentic Safety Green paint is smooth and glossy, with panel lines carefully highlighted. It’s fully detailed, too, with chrome and black decals that were applied before the final high-gloss clear coat. This limited-edition version’s open door (standard models are closed) makes it easy to see the equally well-detailed interior. The two-tone upholstery has a realistic texture, instrument faces are nicely detailed, and window cranks are separate chrome-plated pieces. Those hydraulic gull-wing doors would bleed down in a short time, so owners would prop them open when displaying their cars. Automodello has included a pushbroom that fits perfectly. Crystal-clear glass makes all that detail easy to see in closed versions. There’s nice engine and exhaust detail under the rear, too. —Wayne Moyer

Updated: November 14, 2011 — 5:21 PM

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  1. Founders Edition is now available unsigned for $95.

    The closed edition is available in Safety Orange, Safety Red and will be available in late December in Safety SunTan and Safety White.

    This means all 5 safety colors that the Bricklin was produced in during its 1974 to 1976 will have been produced.

    Thank you,
    James Cowen

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