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Beast of Change

Beast of Change

JADA “LoPro” Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
1:24 | $20

Lopro_Lamborghini_Murcielago_LP640_8cc Lopro_Lamborghini_Murcielago_LP640_22cc

Jada is known for sleek, low stance renditions of today’s most desirable vehicles, and their take on a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 sure fits the bill. The ground-hugging, aggressive, two-toned wheel and tire combo adds even more flair to the 632hp V12 beast; dressed in “Giallo Orion Yellow,” the model’s finish matches very well to the eye- searing, real-time factory color code. It’s scaled and proportioned nicely, and the shut lines for the engine cover, hood, and doors are even and accurate. Lifting the doors reveals a moderately detailed interior featuring all plastic molded pieces; a few touches of chrome add some sizzle here and in the plate-cast engine bay. For the asking price, it’s a great show. Here’s the kicker: an extra set of wheels, tires, and the needed hardware are included for a quick wheel swap to give the Murcielago a new look as the whim strikes. – Andy Goodman jadaclub.com

Updated: July 22, 2014 — 2:55 PM

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