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Awesome Aston

Awesome Aston

Minichamps 2010 Aston Martin Rapide

1:43| $55.00


The 2010 Rapide was named the “sexiest, sportiest 4-seater ever seen” by Road and Track magazine, and Minichamps’ new diecast model makes that statement easy to understand. Although the Rapide is almost 200 inches long, its sleek, flowing lines and big 20” wheels make it look much smaller. Minichamps’ model is a pristine replica from all angles and its smooth, high-gloss metallic silver paint is a perfect match to the Geneva Show car. The window moldings and big wheels are brightly plated, but the silver-printed Aston badges almost disappear into the paint. Details are accurate, as are the shape. There are nicely done discs and calipers behind those big wheels – though the discs don’t rotate – and chassis detail is molded in low relief on the black plastic baseplate. Inside, the instrument faces and front and rear consoles are nicely detailed. Upholstery patterns are correct, and dimensions are virtually perfect, too. If James Bond had a family, this is what he’d be driving. – Wayne Moyer



Updated: March 30, 2012 — 9:10 AM

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