Eaglemoss Mustang Eleanor 900x250

AUTOart’s Hep Cat

AUTOart’s Hep Cat


When is car design truly ahead of its time?  When it can be resurrected and reinterpreted nearly half a century later and it still looks modern. The classic Jaguar XK-E debuted way back in 1961, yet the brand new -07 XK Coupe which so clearly draws styling cues from the original E-type, is one of the freshest most exciting GTs on the road today. Credit to Jag for blending its heritage so gracefully into a 21st century design, and credit AUTOart for recognizing a looker well worthy of replicating in 1:18. AUTOart delivers excellent panel fit, superior paint and a highly detailed and textured interior. Though the new XK has traded some of the original E-type’s sporting flavor for luxury appointments, it gives up nothing in the looks department. You’re sure to agree when you have AUTOart’s version sitting on your shelf.


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