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AUTOART Porsche 911 Carrera & 944 Turbo

AUTOART Porsche 911 Carrera & 944 Turbo

Like a light in the darkness, Porsche offered a pure-breed line of obtainable sports cars in an otherwise low-performance era. The flagship of the brand was the 911 Carrera. Engineered with a precise suspension that evolved over years of development, handling was as good as a late 1980s street car could offer. The 214hp, fuel-injected flatsix delivered predictable power. The styling of the 911 had slightly evolved into an iconic shape. The 911’s stablemate was the front-engine/rear-drive 944. Taking over for the otherwise inept 924, the 944 (especially the Turbo model) brought a lot of new enthusiasts into the Porsche fold. AUTOart offers both of these late ’80s sports cars in dazzling quality. The senior member is bathed in classic Porsche red with the signature black alloy wheels. Trim level is very well done with black-coated window framing. The rear lid flips up to show off a detailed 3164cc air-cooled engine. The interior is also nearly perfect in buckskin tan with all the correct pleats and patterns. The 944 Turbo is covered in a metallic silver set off with the late-version silver alloy wheels. It also is accented with black trim and rear-deck wing. The front headlights flip up as well. Lifting the hood allows you to view the 3L turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that made believers out of many ex-Corvette owners. It is nicely detailed and equipped with all the correct components. These are two high-quality Porsche diecasts from a time when the German sports-car maker gained huge American market share. AUTOart also makes the third member of the ’80s Porsche family—an equally nice 928.

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