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AUTOart Carburetor Salt & Pepper Shaker

AUTOart Carburetor Salt & Pepper Shaker

What could be more fun than passing a fellow car nut a classic Weber DCOE when they ask for the salt, pepper, or sugar? Not much, say we.  AUTOart’s lively homage to stoichiometric metering comes with two chromed velocity stacks for the spices; look closely and you’ll see the “S” and “P” patterned in their tops. Pulling on the wing nut opens a hinged door on the Weber’s body, perfect for stashing packets of sugar or sweetener. The carb is finished in bead-blasted aluminum, and it’s been exquisitely detailed with chromed and brass hardware, and from a short distance, it looks like the real thing. What a gas! -Bill Bennett


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Updated: June 5, 2014 — 8:54 AM

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