AUTOart Brake Caliper Tape Dispenser

AUTOart Brake Caliper Tape Dispenser

AUTOart is making a lot of noise these days by taking racing components — or decent facsimiles thereof — and giving them to us in useful, but still distinctly automotive forms for use in our everyday lives. Take, for instance, this six-pot racing brake caliper, scaled down and made to work as a tape dispenser. What fun … in high-performance street cars and race cars, like Ferraris, Porsches or Lamborghinis, efficient brakes are as important as having an engine with a broad power band, and having a great set of binders is a status point. This metal-cast unit may not help to haul down the workflow that crosses the desk, but at least it’ll keep the car guys who stop by – and the ones working – entertained. Available in red, black, yellow and lime green.  – Bill Bennett


Updated: June 3, 2014 — 3:57 PM

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