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AUTOart 1978 Mazda RX7

AUTOart 1978 Mazda RX7

1:18 scale >> $115
Mazda wanted to start a sports car revolution with the RX7. With an engine that went round and round rather than up and down, the upstart Japanese automaker thought it had a better idea—and in many ways it did. Perfecting the engine invented by Dr. Felix Wankel, the RX7 helped make the sports car smooth, quick and inexpensive. AUTOart now offers the original Japanese-released Savanna in bright green metallic over the infamous Mazda tartan interior. The exterior is quite good with full window treatment and fender-mounted sideview mirrors. A fully detailed 70cid, twin-rotor rotary engine fits neatly into the allotted space. Even the air-cleaner cover has the correct labels. The rear hatch opens to relieve the greenhouse effect of the interior. A cool added feature is the pop-up headlights. AUTOart did a fantastic job of replicating the original RX7—a sports car that has a cult following. AUTOart’s loyalties have an even further reach.

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