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AUTOART 1971 Alfa Romeo GT Am

AUTOART 1971 Alfa Romeo GT Am

In 1971, at the peak of the American Muscle Car era, European performance enthusiasts were very much into the science of small-engine technology. European racing was vastly different from the New World order of drag and stock car racing. Formula 1 Rally and road racing were the big interests. In the wild world of road racing, Alfa Romeo was a major player. The GT Am coupe was a formidable foe with superb handling and a very potent 240hp 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine. From a purely aesthetic view, the styling was stunning, especially in competition trim. AUTOart brings this curve carver to scale with its latest PEZ-sponsored Alleggerita Maggiorata. With a very slick exterior, the finish is remarkably smooth and nearly free of any orange peel. The trim is equally as good, highlighted by the simulated crossed black tape on the headlights. The engine is well detailed with all the right stuff. Of note are the exhaust header and intricate intake system. The trunk is void of a spare tire—as it should be. The finish in the trunk is as good as the exterior’s. A fuel cell dominates the view under the rear lid. An excellent interior shows the primitive safety technology of the time with a single roll bar rather than a full cage. What really makes this model work is the tire and wheel combination. Lifelike scuffed rubber encircles the European modular alloy wheels. A white side-dump exhaust exits just under the left side door. This was the final year for the GT Am before Alfa moved on to newer ventures. Some of these little warriors did make their way to the U.S. and did battle in Trans Am Class C. AUTOart supplies us with perhaps the best way to relive Alfa’s glory days.


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