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AUTOART 1948 Porsche 356

AUTOART 1948 Porsche 356

The fortitude of the human spirit is an amazing thing. One of history’s greatest examples of this is the Porsche 356. The two-seat sports car was introduced in 1948. Consider the fact that nearly all of Germany’s industry was completely destroyed by World War II. This meant that Porsche created an amazing little road car from the rubble and ashes of a once-prominent industrialized system. AUTOart celebrates that remarkable achievement with an equally impressive diecast of the first 356. The quality and presence are outstanding. The lines are crisp, the finish smooth and glossy, and the detail is on a very high level. A precise-fitting rear engine cover can be removed to reveal a detailed air-cooled four-cylinder engine. The look, stance, heart and soul of the original car ring through in this museum-quality replication. A diecast not for just Porsche enthusiasts, but for history buffs as well.



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