AUTOart 1:43 Lamborghini Aventador: Little Lamb-O

AUTOart 1:43 Lamborghini Aventador: Little Lamb-O

AUTOart Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

1:43 | $165.00

One of the myths about 1:43 is that models can’t be made with opening features. To which AUTOart says, “watch this”. Arriving on a mirror-topped display base, “this” is an astonishing Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, the second of two little fully-featured Lambos we’ve reviewed in recent months (the other is AA’s screamin’ little red Countach, also reviewed on this site).

Painted in a dark grigio, this Aventador comes along with swing-up opening doors, an opening rear hatch, and an opening front boot. It’s also got steerable wheels, and – we’re not kidding – a poseable rear spoiler and side wings. That’s pretty much note-for-note what this maker’s 1:18 version of the car can do.

In the larger scale, those features are a trip; here, it’s like poking around on a 400-year-old hand-built watch, and you’ll have to dial back your grip and fingertip skills. It’s true: some of the hinges are delicate – as you might expect – and the specter of snapped hinges and broken parts had us a little concerned. But once you get the hang of micro-manipulation, the doors and panels front and rear swing and pivot smoothly, revealing a Lilliputian vista of carpeted floors, fully detailed dash and seats, a plumbed engine and engine bay, and a carpeted trunk up front.

When everything’s closed, the panel fit, while not scale correct in its gaps, is very good… hell, excellent… with even seams all ’round the jagged angles of the car’s design. The complex lensing, impeccable paint and polish, and the photo-etched vent screening and “Lamborghini” script at the car’s rear had us grinning like school kids. So did the micro-fine brake detailing behind the wheels, and the tiny little Lambo bull on the car’s nose.

This wedgy little beastie is really entertaining. The small size, great detailing, and holy smokes full-access opening features take it far beyond being merely another pretty display piece. Score: AUTOart, 2; myth, 0. – Joe Kelly, Jr.

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