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Auto World Dodge Challenger SRT8

Auto World Dodge Challenger SRT8

If you pine for those days of promo models, stop pining and start pointing and clicking. Auto World is offering a built-up AMT Dodge Challenger SRT8 that’s been cast in color and glued up for you — just like the neatly scaled handouts you’d get in the car showrooms when you were shopping with pop all those long years ago. That makes the line’s “Showroom Replicas” handle a lot easier to understand. This particular sample came here in lightly metallic “Brilliant Blue,” rolling on polished five-spoke factory mags with brake discs and red SRT calipers behind. There’s a full interior, but no engine detailing — as per promo car rules, it would seem — and the chassis has some good, if shallow, detailing of its own. The topside markings in the grille, taillight bar, and rear spoiler are right on the money, and the sharp lensing at the front and rear looks good too. If you love the new-genny Challenger, but haven’t got the time to build one in this scale, go for it. It’s a sweet Challenger, without the challenge. — DCX Staff

1:25 | $25.99


Updated: June 4, 2014 — 11:35 AM

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