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Auto World 1970 Chevelle

Auto World 1970 Chevelle


Another car that had us going back in the salad days of American Muscle was Ertl’s 1970 Chevelle, and it, too, was sorely in need of more detail and features. Which, thank the gods of diecast, is exactly what this heavily reworked Auto World version of that hoary old mold set offers. While not as refined as the Lane Exact Detail offerings that we all snapped up a few years ago, this beautiful Citrus Green SS454 is a truly remarkable piece not only for its great features (opening doors, hood, and trunk, all on “real” hinges, and steerable wheels), but for the amazing amount of retro-fitting that’s gone into the old tool’s rebirth. The paint is excellent, as is the build quality (sounding like a broken record? Maybe AW’s on to something), and the car’s chrome and fitment of trim is perfect, save for the tamped-on rain gutters and window frames. Everything about the model has been re-thought, or at least given a proper sendup, from the beautifully bezeled headlights to the newly spring-loaded rear. The floors are fuzzy, the seat belts are fabric, and the dash more finely decorated than we remember from the earlier versions too – all of which pales in comparison to the work that’s under the car’s hood. The 454 is painted, wired, plumbed and labeled to a level that would have given us fits back in the day. These days, it’s worth a couple of giggles — and a good, long look. Nice work.  – Joe Kelly, Jr.

1:18 | $84.99


Updated: June 3, 2014 — 4:03 PM

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