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Aussie Look-alike for Max Movie Buffs

Aussie Look-alike for Max Movie Buffs

“It’s the last of the V8 Interceptors—a piece of history.” Well, okay, it’s not the last Interceptor. It’s the first—the first from Australian manufacturer Models 56, anyway. And it’s a piece of history if you’re a fan of the most famous Australian motor mayhem movie series of all time. This 1:24 car is badged simply as the Interceptor, but it’s the spitting image of a Ford Falcon XB. Fans will surely see the significance of that name in connection with the body style, as a certain Mad MFP officer named Max Rockatansky drove a wicked black modified XB in the films that make road rage fun. Diecast examples of the Aussie-exclusive Falcon have been hard to come by, so this one is welcome. To see more, check out our Summer ’07 issue of DieCast X coming soon to a newsstand near you! Now we just have to find a new nose piece, some sidepipes and a little Weiand blower…

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