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Along Came a Spyder: Hot Wheels Elite’s 1:43 458 Italia

Along Came a Spyder: Hot Wheels Elite’s 1:43 458 Italia

Hot Wheels Elite 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder  1:43 | $44.99 

Ferrari needed two years to develop a topless version of their 458 Italia, but fortunately for those of us who can’t afford a copy of the $257,000.00 car (magnificent though it may be), Hot Wheels Elite has created this beautifully made diecast model in less time and for a lot less money. Right up front: this one is a beauty; every curve of the sensuous body is just right and the pearlescent white paint is literally perfect. It’s not in Ferrari literature, but for a quarter-mil, we’d bet you can have any color you want. Nameplates, tiny top latches, door lock cylinders, and even the microscopic “Pininfarina” scripts are photo-etched, while the traditional Ferrari badges are perfectly printed. The multitude of scoops and vents either have black mesh inserts or are hot-printed black, and the multi-LED headlights are especially well done. Inside, the accurate red upholstery has a leather-like luster with tiny prancing horses on the headrests, multi-color switch panels on the armrests and consoles, shift paddles on the wheel, aluminum-look pedals, and a fully detailed dash, though photos show the tach face should be yellow instead of red. The carbon-ceramic discs behind the authentic wheels look just right, tool. Every dimension is within 0.02 of absolute perfection – which makes this HWE Italia Spyder a beautiful bargain.  – Wayne Moyer


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