Aging Bull

Aging Bull

PREMIUMX 1989“25th Anniversary”Countach
1:43 | $60

Aging Bull PremiumX 1989 25th Anniversary Countach

No, 1989 wasn’t the 25th anniversary of the Countach—it was Lam- borghini’s, and a virtually all-new Countach body was created to celebrate the event. While the 25th Anniversary car had a new front bumper, side skirts, wider rear fenders, and an integral rear bumper, the most obvious change was to the rear air scoops and vents, which were canted back and fitted with longitudinal strakes. PremiumX has ac- curately recreated all these features in a flawless resin body with smooth and glossy red paint. Details are correct down to the pinhead-size (yet legible) “25th Anniversary” badge on the tail. Later models added a wing, but the original 1989 version was just as PremiumX has it; all the scoops and vents have black-painted openings, and all the light lenses are the correct clear, amber, or red color plastic. Thin black photo-etched window moldings are somehow attached without a trace of glue—neat—and inside, upholstery patterns and console details match reference photos. Though they’re hard to see, all the instruments are detailed, as well. Tiny decals in the center of the very well done two-piece wheels are pleasing, as is the crisp relief detail in the baseplate, with the suspension arms neatly pad-printed in aluminum. This one’s very accurate in all respects, and it’s a real beauty. – Wayne Moyer

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