ACME Takes On a New Line – “Authentic Models”

ACME Takes On a New Line – “Authentic Models”

ACME Diecast, the spawn of the late, lamented GMP, is a rowdy bunch of go-getters (in the best possible way) who never let a good model go unnoticed – or a great opportunity to break out a new series pass them by. And we love them for that.

We’d spoken with Mat Long and papa Tom Long a while back, and they were excited at the prospect of bringing this new line of beautifully crafted and detailed old school models out. After seeing a few impromptu cell phone photos of one of the giant metal planes, we were excited, too. Now, the deal is done – items are in stock at ACME. We haven’t yet seen the cars, boats, and planes in person (we hope to, soon) but the pictures we’ve seen on these product cards tell a tale of exquisite metal bodies on the cars, fabric-covered wings on the planes, and wooden hulls on the boats. The detailing is rich, and the feel, authentic – hence the company’s name, “Authentic Models”.

The size of some of these is impressive – wingspans on the Tri-Motor, DC3 and the Junkers JU-52 “Annie” all surpass a yard – and the overall presentation and vintage subject matter had us at “hello”. They may be pricey, but stay tuned – this looks to be a promising line. Ain’t no school like the old school.

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