5 (Other) Great Gift ideas for Diecast Collectors

5 (Other) Great Gift ideas for Diecast Collectors

It goes without saying that diecast collectors will want more diecast as gifts over the holiday season. But we are a particular bunch, and it can be hard for non-collectors to know what specific models we have, what we need, and what we’d like without exacting instructions. Such is the plight of the loved one of a collector. So with that dilemma in mind, we hereby present 5 gift ideas that diecast guys will appreciate, that tie in thematically with our interests and will go great along side our collections, but that don’t require the same degree of insider knowledge that models might.

1. Displate Car Legends metal plate posters













Layered metal plates, shaped and painted to form 3D posters depicting the characters and cars from the most iconic car movies and TV shows. This is what we call fine art! Check out Displate.com for the selections and prices.


2. TrackSculptures.com track map wood murals, art prints, and sculptures
























The pictures pretty much say it. Whether you want a paper print (upper right), a design on wood (upper left), or a precision outline sculpture of your favorite world-famous racing circuit, TrackSculptures.com has what you need. There are literally dozens of tracks to choose from.


3. AUTOart Automotive Lifestyle tchotchkesToilet composite













What do you get the car guy who has everything (including a sense of humor)? AUTOart’s automotive-themed toilet accessories! The center-locking wheel-nut toilet paper roll holder allows quick changes when every second counts, or if you just need to switch to a different compound.If too much…uh…debris… collects in the preferred line, you can get back on pace with the 6-Speed Aluminum Gear Shift Knob plunger.

If you’re looking for something a little more high-brow, might we also suggest AUTOart’s Weber carb lookalike Salt & Pepper shaker? The inlet trumpets are the shakers, and the body opens up to hold sugar packets and toothpicks. View these and more awesome auto-related knickknacks at AUTOartModels.com.

salt composite











4. Carney Plastics Display Cases

_MG_3699 copy

Whatever a collector’s or area of interest, in order to fully enjoy a collection he or she needs to have them out where they can be admired. But how to protect cars that are on display? With display cases of course. That’s where Carney Plastics comes in. They make cases in any established scale you can think of, in dozens of configurations. The one you see here is a 6x 1:18 scale case, with a top-hinged front panel, a mirrored back, and hardware to mount on a wall or provisions to add an optional display stand — all for about the price of a single 1:18 model.


5. And — of course — a Subscription to Die Cast X Magazine!


Go HERE to sign up if you haven’t already. If you are already a subscriber, buy one for another car guy as a gift so they can be as informed and entertained as you are!


Updated: December 9, 2015 — 5:29 PM
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