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`47 Chevy Fleetline Taxi 2012

`47 Chevy Fleetline Taxi 2012

While putting things in order here in the office, I noticed a difference in the `47 Chevy Fleetline Taxi from the “WH City Works 12” series. The first one that I got at the Kmart Event is light pearl yellow metallic. The ones that I got a few days ago at Wal*Mart are yellow enamel.

I also noticed that the yellow enamel pieces have different grills too. One is all chrome and the other has black definition in it.

Updated: March 25, 2012 — 1:43 PM


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  1. which one is the variation the kmart one or walmart one

    1. The Kmart was the first release, so anything after that is a variation.

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