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3’s are a Crowd

3’s are a Crowd

We’ve showed you many of the great BMW diecasts that Kyosho has produced over the last few years. In fact, you would be hard pressed to come up with a series of diecasts as comprehensive as Kyosho’s Bimmers—pretty much if BMW makes one Kyosho models it. The latest releases are variations of the class-leading 3-Series. First to come out was the E90 sedan, now joined by the Touring (station wagon) E91 and the Coupe E92. Toss in various M versions and a convertible of the previous E46 and you’ve got a real crowd of 3’s to choose from. These two new ones—both in rich blue— show off the highlights of the multifaceted exterior beautifully, and the interiors with their extensive moldings and interesting textures are well worth a closer look.


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