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Audi You Do

Audi You Do

2011 Audi A8
1:43 | $45

Audi You Do Kyosho 2011 Audi A8

Audi displayed its fourth-generation (Type D4) all-wheel-drive A8 Sedan in late 2009, but it didn’t get marketed here until November of 2010, as a 2011 model. Audi also frequently markets 1/43 scale promotional models built by select manufacturers; Kyosho first released this image of the mighty Teu- ton in “Phantomblack” and Ice Silver Metallic for sale through Audi dealers. After a few months, other authentic colors were released to hobby outlets. With the company so closely involved, you’d get the feeling that these promo models would be right on, and they are: this A8 in authentic Glacier White Metallic has the shape nailed, and its dimensions scale precisely to 1:43. The thin chrome leading edges of the massive grille, the LED “checkmark” in the detailed headlight buckets, the exquisitely thin chrome mirror and lower body stripes, and the visually perfect translucent taillight lenses are intricate; delicate photo-etched Audi rings on the rear deck literally round out the details in scale. The interior is just as good, with realistic upholstery, a fully detailed dash and console, and woodgrain trim where it should be. Roll it, and steel discs rotate through fixed calipers behind the realistic wheels; flip it for good chassis detail, too. -Wayne Moyer


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