2011 Hot Wheels Convention Customs Coverage

2011 Hot Wheels Convention Customs Coverage

The annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention took place last week in Los Angeles. There were tons of great creative customs to be seen. I had the opportunity to talk customizing with several creative individuals; some I have known for years, and others I had the privilege of meeting for the first time. New or old friend, all of these artists are talented and super enthusiastic. The below group of photos is from the contest; I was unable to talk to every entry’s owner, but enjoyed seeing every one of these creative creations first hand.

dscn0072 dscn0074 dscn0075 dscn0077 dscn0078

dscn0079 dscn0080 dscn0081 dscn0082 dscn0084

dscn0086 dscn0087 dscn0089 dscn0090 dscn0123

dscn0103 dscn0107 dscn0109 dscn0110 dscn0111

dscn0114 dscn0121

After the customs contest, I invited several of the artists to the DCX room so we could have a closer look at these masterpieces. The photos below are the entries that we got an up close and personal look at.

dscn0161 dscn0162 dscn0163 dscn0164 dscn0165

dscn0166 dscn0167 dscn0168 dscn0169 dscn0170

dscn0171 dscn0172 dscn0173 dscn0174 dscn0176

dscn0177 dscn0178 dscn0179 dscn0180 dscn0181

dscn0182 dscn0183 dscn0184 dscn0185

dscn0186 dscn0187 dscn0187 dscn0189 dscn0188

dscn0189 dscn0190 dscn0191_0 dscn0192 dscn0193

dscn0194 dscn0195 dscn0196 dscn0197 dscn0198

dscn0199 dscn0200 dscn0201 dscn0202 dscn0206

dscn0208 dscn0209 dscn0210 dscn0211 dscn0212

dscn0213 dscn0214 dscn0216 dscn0217 dscn0219

dscn0220 dscn0221 dscn0225 dscn0233 dscn0235


A special thank you to all of the artists who came up to our room to allow us that closer look.


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