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World Exclusive: Muscle Machines Prototypes Arrive at DCX!

World Exclusive: Muscle Machines Prototypes Arrive at DCX!

Lucky us! We just a got a box from Maisto containing several prototypes of models slated for release in the first wave of the upcoming Muscle Machines revival, in 1:18 (pictured), 1:24, and 1:64. Stay tuned! We’re clearing our production schedule to shoot video, take a lot of photos, and give our readers an EXCLUSIVE on the upcoming lineup of wild-looking machines. You saw it here, first!


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  1. I have most of the 1st gen. muscle machines and I was hoping you would come out with different motor configuration , like carb w/chrome aircleaner. Just something different than what was. also maybe some new camaros mustangs and challengers.

  2. Fantastic stuff Joe!
    Rarely do we get to see a model of this stature in this form. It’s very interesting for us afficiando’s of DCX!

    Keep up the fantastic work.

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