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GreenLight Goes Hollywood:The Men In Black Are Back

GreenLight Goes Hollywood:The Men In Black Are Back

We’ve waited 8 years for it – and now the team behind the Men In Black movies has finally delivered the goods. Set to release on the 25th of May this year, MIB3‘s plot involves a time traveling rogue villain who kills MIB Agent K – thus altering the future.  Of course, Agent J must then travel back in time to save the world and the/our future – and many high-jinks ensue.

And, of course, there are cool cars – in black – to get those agents to and from those high-jinks. The new car that Agent J drives in this latest theatrical release will be a 2012 Ford Taurus SHO; as done by GreenLight, this car is reproduced in 1:24 – and because the machine is far from stock, it’s wearing a trick triple-black paint scheme that even extends to the headlights and wheels. The older car is a ’64 Galaxie (apparently, MIB prefers Blue Oval rides); GreenLight’s recreated that oldie by re-popping one of Sunstar’s older (and cooler) 1:18 mold sets, and finished off the piece with black paint and deep chrome. Even better: this particular model will also be available in a “black chrome” finish. Keep an eye out.

We’ll see you at the movies!

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Updated: April 11, 2012 — 7:13 PM


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  1. This was a Ford family year for us, I had a 64 Galaxie 500 two door hardtop, so did my dad and my couzin and my uncle. I even remember the colors, mine was Pagoda green, My dads was dark blue matalic, my uncle’s was yellow and my couzin’s was white with a black vinal roof…
    I remember them well. Look foward to the relese.
    PS: they all sold for between $2800 and $3000.. nicely equiped…oh well

  2. what else can i add 64 vwas a favorite year for us..

  3. I thought that the MIB 3 car was a 1966 Falcon Coupe.

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