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SNEAK PEEK: Automodello’s 1:24 Mormon Meteor Lands!

SNEAK PEEK: Automodello’s 1:24 Mormon Meteor Lands!

We’re starting to feel like proud parents. Well, a little, anyway. We’ve watched Automodello’s outstanding 1:24 resin replica of Ab Jenkins’ 1935 Duesenberg – the  “Mormon Meteor” – go from sketch to tooling model to unpainted resin prototype. Now, it’s here on our table as a production-ready piece (and a featured car from our Spring 2013 issue). In a word? Wow.

First impressions are very positive – this thing is gorgeous, and it’s done to a level of finish that could only be realized in resin, with a smooth cream yellow top coat over one of the most crisply realized body castings we’ve yet seen from this maker. The decorations – in particular, the painstakingly-wrought “DUESENBERG” lettering on the car’s power-bulged hood, and the wee, readable “Ab Jenkins” script on the cowl – are top shelf and extremely clean in their attachment. Yep – the model looks like the real thing. Scrunch your eyes a bit, and pretend to hear that massive Duesy mill ticking away between speed runs, and the model will bring you back to a time when real men drove fantasy machines as fast as they could go.

Wayne  Moyer will be giving the model a full review in the next issue of DCX – until then, enjoy these snaps. Eye scrunching  is optional.

Automodello / Diecasm.com


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