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Sleepers! Stealthy Speed is always a Collector Favorite [VIDEO]

Sleepers! Stealthy Speed is always a Collector Favorite [VIDEO]

Is there anything cooler than an automotive sleeper? A car that looks like a mild-mannered family car but rips like a race-bred rocket! Sleepers make some of the best collectible cars, because packing secret performance potential makes for a certain mystique which fuels nostalgia as the years pass.

We tend to think of sleepers in the context of classic muscle cars — and as the above video demonstrates, there are definitely some cool ones! But sleepers are by no means unique to 1960s-70s American cars. Check out some of these cool factory import sleepers.

Well ok, a “Maraudeur” isn’t foreign (except for the spelling…) but it still isn’t as goofy a name as the Maloo!

Of course, when you’re talking modified cars we’re into a whole new level of sleeper potential!

(Pro tip: Watch out for farm trucks with fat rear tires, VWs with fat front tires, and Volvo station wagons that sound funny…)



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Updated: February 27, 2018 — 12:24 PM

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